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 Retaining Walls

With Ideal retaining walls you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to turn an ordinary yard into an extraordinary yard. Eliminate the slope of an otherwise unusable yard while creating a decorative accent at the same time. Create planter beds along your house or fence. Add steps to your wall to connect two separate spaces in your yard. With a little creativity the possibilities are virtually endless!

Functional or decorative Ideal retaining walls provide superior solutions for any landscaping project. Designed to inspire and to perform, our retaining wall systems excel both in beauty and durability. The versatility of our walls supports your creativity, allowing you to shape your landscape into the outdoor living space you’ve always dreamed of!

Retaining Wall Construction
How to build a retaining wall depends on the type of retaining wall system you choose. During home retaining wall construction, you must choice between the different types of retaining wall construction methods. The most popular choice for retaining wall construction is concrete. Some retaining wall construction types are:
  •  An interlocking block retaining wall
  • A Wood retaining wall  
After the retaining wall construction is complete, the retaining wall is then backfilled on one side only. Backfilling on one side of the retaining wall creates an extreme amount of pressure. This pressure comes from the weight of the earth and the moisture in the soil. This pressure can result in cracks and water seepage in the retaining wall. During retaining wall construction you should always remember a proper drainage system. Installing a landscapers fabric drainage membrane during retaining wall construction will help prevent the effects of water seepage. Some of those effects are:
  • Green slime
  • Efflorescence
  • Mineral deposits
  • Rust from wall tie
Freeze and thaw cycles also creates extra stress on a retaining wall. Expansive and soft soils can also account for some retaining wall problems. Installing a landscapers fabric drainage membrane with drain tile on the backfilled side during retaining wall construction or during a repair of a retaining wall will help reduce or eliminate most of problems associated with a retaining wall.

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