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Our pavers and walls are selected from our paver distibutor 'Ideal'. Working hand in hand, we bring you the elegant, yet the finest pavers and walls on the market. To view our distributors website, go to: 



It's the American Dream....a home, a place  to call your very own. And now, to truly make your house a home and dreams a reality, add the perfect finishing touch with one of our many paver styles. Design a private patio retreat... a secluded, shaded courtyard...a terraced backyard paradise...or just a winding garden path. Sweet dreams!

Imagine the possibilities..subtle fall shadings for a welcoming driveway...warm complementary hues for walkways...earthly, rich tones to enchance the architectural details of your home. Pavers offer virtually unlimited possibilities for just about any landscape design.

It's getting harder to define true value today. Your home is probably the biggest investment you'll ever make and pavers will not only enchance the appearance of your home, but also add to its value, both now and in the future. Our pavers are exceptionally durable and aredesigned to withstand the harsh New England winter climates and provide you with years of lasting beauty and performance.

Concrete Paver Installation
1) Excavate area to be paved.
2) Install and compact base material (either 1 1/2" processed gravel or 3/4" crusher run). 
• Typically 4-6" deep for walkways, patios, and pool decks
• Typically 8-12" deep for driveways
3) Install Pave-EdgeŽ restraints directly on the base and secure with 10" steel spikes.
4) Spread coarse concrete sand and screed to a uniform depth of 1-1 1/2" thick.
5) Place pavers in desired pattern and cut where necessary to fit. Use 2 3/8" thick pavers for most residential applications and 3 1/8" thick pavers for commercial vehicles.
6) Compact the pavers into the sand bed with a plate compactor.
7) Sweep dry sand into joints and compact. Repeat procedure until the joints are full.

Note: Poor draining soils, such as clay, may require additional excavation and base material and the use of a woven geotextile fabric.


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